Geological Survey of Canada Open File 1686

Edited by C.W. Jefferson and W.A. Spirito

Mineral and Energy Resource Assessment of the Tlogotsho Plateau, Nahanni Karst, Ragged Ranges and Adjacent Areas Under Consideration for Expansion of Nahanni National Park Reserve, Northwest Territories


Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Executive Summary
Chapter 2 Introduction
Chapter 3 Geological Setting
Chapter 4 Regional Surficial Geochemistry
Chapter 5 Spring Water Geochemistry and Hydrogeology
Chapter 6 Mineral Occurrences
Chapter 7 Mineral Resource Assessment
Chapter 8 Hydrocarbon Resource Assessment
Chapter 9 References

Appendix 1: Mineral Occurence and Deposit Data
Appendix 2: Geochemistry of Bedrock Samples
Appendix 3: Surficial Geochemistry & Statistical Notes
  1. Analytical Results for Stream Silts (Appendix 3.1.xls)
  2. Gold Properties and Analytical Results for HMCs from Silt
    Table A-3.2(vi).xls INAA Results for HMCs from Silt
  3. Analytical Results for HMCs from Pebbly Sands (Appendix 3.3.xls)
  4. Analytical Results for Sample Duplicates, Bulk Samples and Standards (Appendix 3.4.xls)
  5. Analytical Techniques and Laboratories
  6. Estimation of Distribution Parameters
  7. Input/Output for ML Estimation of Mean and Variance
  8. Good Estimators of α and β2
  9. ML Regression
  10. Predicted Values for Elements Based on Basins Underlain by 100% Rock Type
Appendix 4: Spring Water Geochemistry and Hydrogeology
  1. Field Data and Classification of Springs
  2. Laboratory Data for Nahanni Spring Waters and Precipitates
  3. Additional Notes on Kleiner-Hartigan Tree Classification
  4. Additional Notes on K-Means Cluster Analysis Classification