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The Central Foreland NATMAP Project


A GIS dataset of geological features for the Chinkeh Creek map area (95C/9), Northwest Territories and Yukon Territory.

Abstract: This geological map and database are derived from regional mapping in the Chinkeh Creek (NTS 95C/9) 1:50 000 scale map area, as part of the Geological Survey of Canada's Central Foreland NATMAP project. Geological features represented by attributed points, lines, and polygons have been compiled into a GIS dataset suitable for stand-alone use, or integration with other data sets. User-defined attributes provide traditional geological map information with greater detail and enhancements such as explicit orientation data, and lithologies at visited outcrops.
     The Chinkeh Creek map area is located along the border between southwestern Northwest Territories and southeastern Yukon near the southern termination of the Franklin Mountains. The Kotaneelee and La Biche Ranges dominate the area and are underlain by folded Devonian to Permian age strata. The intervening valleys are occupied by synclines that preserve
Cretaceous strata. The box-type Kotaneelee and La Biche anticlines are both west-verging structures with steep-to-overturned western limbs. The La Biche anticline is further modified by a northeast verging thrust fault exposed in the
core of the structure. Diverging structural trends can be seen between the north-trending Kotaneelee anticline and the northwest-trending La Biche structure, reflecting a broader interference pattern in the La Biche River (NTS 95C) map area. The map pattern is also modified by the sub-Cretaceous
unconformity that cuts out Permian strata towards the north end of the map area.